Disney Considering Pirates Of The Caribbean Reboot

Posted 2018/10/25 274 0

Not content with turning all of its animated classics into live-action movies (or live-CG blends/all-photorealistic CG outings), Disney is now hovering its finger above the Do-Over button for the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie series. Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are in talks to work on the script.

Despite the Pirates series earning more than $4 billion since it kicked off with 2003’s The Curse Of The Black Pearl, the need to refresh may partly be because the more recent movies have become so utterly convoluted. There’s also a chance the Mouse House is looking to paddle quietly away from Johnny Depp, whose Captain Jack Sparrow helped make the films mostly huge hits, but who has acquired a more controversial reputation these days.

Regardless of what actually makes it to screen, Jerry Bruckheimer will still be guiding the ship as producer behind the scenes.

Wernick and Reese have also worked on 6 Underground, which Michael Bay is now directing for Netflix and returned to write the Zombieland sequel, with cameras due to roll on that in January.